The Philippines is an archipelago bounded by the Pacific Ocean to the east the Bashi Channel to the north the Sulu and the Celebes Seas to the south.

You can find the Philippine islands on the east of Vietnam, north of Indonesia. There are 7,107 islands that make up the Philippines and they’re divided intro three regions- Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Some islands have become bustling cosmopolitan cities, such as the capital Manila, the City of Cebu and Davao, while others are more remote and tropical, which offers something for every traveller. Wherever you go though you won’t ever be more than two hours away from one of its gorgeous beaches. The little group of islands make for one gigantic stretch of coastline-more than 15,500 kilometres in fact! Perhaps this is why the Philippines is dubbed to be one of the world’s friendliest cities by Forbes magazine 

Why are the islands so amazing?

There are thousands of reasons to visit the Philippines. It may be famous for its powder white sands, turquoise waters and stunning coral reefs, but there’s so much more to discover on the 7,107 islands in this magical corner of the world.

Look past the outstanding diving or dream beaches and you’ll find a land of unique culture and contradictions. You’ll discover lush green rice fields, lively and fashionable cities, simmering volcanoes, amazing underground rivers and caves, the most wonderful wildlife and most importantly-friendly and fun-loving people.

Whether you’re looking for water sports or a slice of culture-or just fancy lazing on beautiful beaches-the Philippines truly has something for every traveller.

Beaches and Islands: For thrill seekers or sun lounger lovers, with over 15,500 kilometres of coastline, there’s definitely a beach to suit all holiday tastes.

Active Adventures: Adrenaline junkies rejoice! The Philippines are a must for those who love water sports such as sailing, wake-boarding, snorkelling, surfing, kitesurfing, jet-skiing and diving.

Foodie Heaven: Thanks to the diverse culture and history of the islands, the Philippines is a great place for culinary aficionados. Filipino food is typically is a fusion of the beautiful local herbs and spices found in the region of South East Asia mixed with the colonial Spanish influence and the western sophistication of taste, style and flair.

Romantic Hideaways: We dare you to find a more romantic destination! The perfect setting where you’re getting married, going on honeymoon, renewing your vows or simply enjoying your partner’s company.

Natural Wonders: From bug-eyed tiny primates to the largest known fish species alive today, the Philippines offers nature lovers everywhere the chance to enjoy a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Birdwatching: The Philippines has a spectacular mix of more than 600 species of birds, of which almost 200 species are local to the area, making this the perfect destination for any Twitcher!

Gap Year Getaways: Thanks to the wide variety of accommodations available, the Philippines is the perfect choice for a gap year on a budget.

Family-Friendly: The Philippines is a great choice for a family holiday-what children wouldn’t wnat to make sandcastles on teh sandy white beaches? Plus there’s a whole host of activities on offer that kids of all ages will love.

Friends and Groups: With so many different activities and islands on offers, the islands are a great choice for group holidays-no-one can complain of being bored!

Fashionista Delights: Sustainable raw materials such as Abaca fibres and Tnalak to name a few, converted to chic and covetable dramatic pieces of beauty. The local handicrafts are waiting to be discovered by the world as it offers so much details in natural beauty that would pass the sophisticated and trained eye of a global fashionista worth travelling halfway across the world for.

Wellness Escapes: Massages in the open air? Check! Luxurious spas? Check. Delicious and healthy juices? Check. The islands host some of the most serene spas, ensuring you’ll leave fully rested and relaxed.

Volcano Hunters: The islands are home to 37 volcanoes, 18 of which are still active, which makes it the ideal place for those in love with these lava-spouting hills.

Cultural Delights: Get under the very varied skin of the Filipino culture with museums, architecture, cultural festivals and live music.

MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibits): Combine business with pleasure! choose from a range of 5 star world class resort business centres, meeting halls to global exhibition centres all within close proximity to a beach with full resort amenities guaranteed to achieve maximum productivity and recreation at the same time.



Manila’s grand icon

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